The Time of the Rising is coming...
The Timeon Rizer (pronounced "time + eon" "rye + zer") is a universe rich in exploration, futureshock, revelations, horror and a sense of impending doom. Timeon Rizer is like an H.P. Lovecraft inspired space opera merged with a Bram Stoker styled cyberpunk future. The story of Timeon Rizer spans two distinct timelines. The first takes place within our solar system (before intersteller travel is understood) and the second spans the vast worlds beyond our own (after we begin visiting other star systems). Currently, all information presented here covers the first timeline, which is referred to simply as "The Time of the Rising."

So where is the info?
Well, that's the catch. I'd been running Timeon Rizer for many years as a campaign, and in Winter '04 the campaign ended with a bang. Unfortunately, as with many things, the minute it ended I moved on to other things, including its continuation some 300 years in the future, called Gatestreams. In it, the Time of the Rising (Timeon Rizer) occured, and humanity fled the Sol system under the wings of several "benefactor" races. Suffice to say, the universe isn't so benevolent as all that. The race akin to vampires were corralled up on Mars & Earth and exterminated. Some of humanity are now slaves, etc.

Several people have asked me to update the site with more real substantive TR material, so perhaps before the end of the year, but no promises -- so much creativity, yet so little time. In the meantime, here are some starships.

Timeon Rizer is a both some twisted amalgum of my own long-time imagination and many other real and fictional influences. Some very strong influences include:

  • Books: Hunting the Corrigan's Blood by Holly Lisle, Necroscope by Brian Lumley, Dune by Frank Herbert, and various works by Harlan Ellison, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Block, Philip K. Dick and William Gibson.
  • RPGs: Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium, Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles by Dream Pod 9, CyberPunk 2020 by R. Talsorian, Gammaworld and Kromosome by TSR, Homeworld by Palladium Games, Traveller by GDW, and Shatterzone by West End Games.
  • Comics: Rogue Trooper and Alien Legion.
  • Films/TV: Alien, Blake's 7, The Outer Limits, Venus Wars, Blade Runner, Vampire Planet, Nausicaa, and Cowboy Beebop.
  • There are others to be sure, but these have sparked many of the ideas in Timeon Rizer.