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What is Talislanta?

Tal... it's not just a game, it's an adventure. Talislanta is so vast and unrestricted, it inspires stories, music, art, etc. No really... it does.

Yeah, yeah, but what the hell is it?
Talislanta is one of the most atmosphere-rich FRPG's (Fantasy Role Playing Game) around, thanks in part by its creator, Stephen Michael Sechi, its contributors, and the artists who've blessed its pages.

And now, for a brief history.
Talislanta has gone through many incarnations: the 1st & 2nd editions, (by Bard Games), then to a 3rd edition, (by Wizards of the Coast), then to a short lived Plaid Rabbit Games fiasco. Finally, it was saved from oblivion by Shooting Iron Games, when they released the new 4th edition with a complete rewrite, a ton of new art, and a fully revised game system. Then, in 2004, Morrigan Press got the license and kept this venerable, unique FRPG going for a while. Now it's transitioning again.

Where is Tal today?
To learn more about the current state of the game, visit, which has the virtually everything from the Talislanta library available for download FREE as PDFs. WOWITY WOW WOW! You'd be a Dracartan fool not to get the free PDFs!

So what's Phantastal... it's not in any of my Tal books?
Phantastal is a newly constructed floating sky city that meanders the skies of southwestern Talislanta, including: Zandu, Silvanus, the Thaecian Isles, Phantas, and the mysterious isle of Nizrin. It's inhabitants are diverse, and focus on trade and exploration; many are freetraders, but many represent the various "cooperative" kingdoms in western Tal. Their special relationship with the isle of Nizrin (another recent discovery that was well hidden by the Phantasians), and the Windshipyards of Nizrin, and it's main shipwright, FreeFrog the Overworked, has given them both strong Nizrini mounts and escort windships to protect them.

Phantastal came about because some Phantasians had a vision (not shared by all mind you) that they needed to rekindle their economy and people. Their once great secret of windship technology has been scattered and they have found themselves on the sidelines of Talislantan politics and economics. Through much sacrifice and expense, and cooperation by key western allies, they built the magnificent sky city of Phantastal. While not large, only 7,000 inhabitants and usually 2000 or so visitors, it's becoming a popular hub for trade and curiosity seekers flying their various flags!

But this site uses frames and has weird navigation and I hate frames!
Don't we all brother, don't we all. I'm not actively running Talislanta anymore, so the site's a bit dated and I have no plans to update it anytime soon – though I'll post updates to new edition announcements. As for the navigation... all I can say is I was drinking Tazian fire ale when I came up with it. ;-)

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